Mod Podge - Furniture Matte 473ml

Mod Podge - Furniture Matte 473ml

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Mod Podge Waterbase Glue, Sealer & Finish in one - Furniture Matte 473ml

This is a regular Mod Podge formula, meaning that you can use it on surfaces including:

  • Wood
  • Papier-mâché
  • Glass
  • Terra cotta

You can use it to apply fabric or paper to these surfaces above, or most anything else you can think of that you might want to put on furniture. MP Furniture s a non-toxic, waterbase formula, just like the other Podges, which mean it’s safe for anyone to use (including children) and you don’t need gloves. Nice for a furniture finish, right?

It’s super tough but the whole point of the formula is to be tough and provide protection for your decoupage projects, and it definitely does that. 

Mod Podge ® is quick-drying for multiple coat build up and dries clear. Can be sanded to a smooth finish. Cleans up easily while wet with soap and water. Certified AP non-toxic; waterbase. Mod Podge ® is an all in one decoupage glue, sealer and finish.